Nicole Schuster

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Goldsmith and jewellery designer Nicole Schuster about her collections “Foldable” and “Cities & Landscapes”:


Researching about the platonic solids as the basic shapes for all creation I got greatly inspired by Richard Buckminster Fullers work about geodesic domes, as an organic and very efficient way of building. Applying these ideas to the human body, my “Foldable-Series” is based on the dodecahedron, a symbolic representation for the source and essence of things and associated by ancient cultures with the spirit of the universe and the soul of all existence.

The necklaces are to be worn unfolded, illustrating the process of exploring and exposing. Composed of multiple connected elements, the pieces can be folded back to their spherical base, but also adapt to the form of the body.

Thus it is reflecting the essence of things, whilst at once becoming distinct how this is balanced and changed in a play of emotions, so that invariably new landscapes arise.


Over time my pieces have evolved and broken away from previous endeavours. By sight, growht first becomes visable through a change on the surface. This change can be subtle or in spurts, some parts growing faster than others. They metaphorisize. The wearable sculptures conjure up images of arcane, mystic places and abstract landscapes.

I work about the relation of nature and architecture, as an opposite, as an addition, as a process. How does our living environment change over time and who is controlling that space after all? Appealing to me is on the one hand the contact between humans and their self-created environment, on the other hand the recapture of nature – ultimately the stronger force – over the structures and ruins.

This tension between geometric construction and organic form finds expression in my jewellery.

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