Mia Kwon

Mia Kwon about her work:

“Porcelain is often associated with precious tableware and tea sets. With my jewellery I want to bring this unique elegance of porcelain closer to the people. One important element of my work is to make this precious, care requiring feeling of porcelain wearable.
To preserve the unique feel of porcelain, I often use pure white, polished Mont-Blanc porcelain paired with minimal shapes.
In my work I want to merge this traditional elegance of porcelain with the dynamic characteristics of fabric. Many of my pieces resemble clothing parts like collars and hems and also follow the flexible character of fabric.
By attaching these fabric features to porcelain and of cloth shapes to jewellery, I aim to blur the borders between these elements and concepts to create an uncommon, contemporary perspective onto porcelain jewellery.”

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