Knetsch und Streit

In 1997, Silke Knetsch and Christian Streit returned to Freiburg – from Barcelona where they both participated in classes with Ramón Puig Cuyas – to set up their own small jewellery-making workshop. They wanted to implement their ideas of creating distinctive jewellery with its own language.  The jewellery represents not just an assemblage of precious materials but signals an artistic and very personal form of expression. For both, it is the unique character, radiance, and interaction of the materials they use that find harmony and style in each piece. They never stop exploring the boundaries and possibilities of our work and think of ourselves as alchemists of design rather than jewellery makers.

Since 2004 Silke Knetsch and Christian Streit have worked with fair-trade gold and silver. They strongly believe that sustainable entrepreneurship is possible in all areas of life, even in the so-called luxury sector.

Galerie für Schmuck & Goldschmiede