Nora Kovats

Nora Kovats is an artist and jewellery designer from Cape Town. After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch, she started to participate in contemporary jewellery and art exhibitions in South Africa and Germany. Nora now lives and works in Berlin. 

Nora’s work, both wearable jewellery and sculpture, reflects the world through the lens of her imagination. It speaks of an enchanted inner space, of boundaries and that which lies in between, dark and light, melancholy and vibrant, with daring lines, three-dimensional use of space and fascinating detail. Above all, Nora enjoys enamelling as jewellery making technique, both due to its vibrancy and the element of chance and uniqueness dictated by the firing process. 

Nora has devoted herself to creating work that is both playful and meticulously executed, with the aim of pouring another small, colourful fragment of joie de vivre into this world with every piece she completes.

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