Rahel Fiebelkorn

Rahel Fiebelkorn about her work:

“I create jewellery for women, who are free-spirited and are brave – doing their jobs and in private. I would like to address women, who even make a difference.“

Rahel Fiebelkorn wants to celebrate the beauty of women with her collection and to express the multi-faceted personality of women with a touch of extravagance. With great care the jewellery designer from Berlin creates unique pieces and small series, all processed with high quality.

The earrings, necklaces and brooches which are formed like spindles are inspired by the cultural ideas of womanhood. Besides thread, resin, silver and steel she as well uses precious gemstones for the spindels.

With the “Zeitspender” (time spender) collection Rahel Fiebelkorn transforms the bulk product bubble wrap from industrial production to a jewellery collection. The pieces arouse associations of decomposition and fragility and strength at the same time. They are available in sterling silver,  plated with gold or blackened and with precious gemstones in the colours of the four elements.

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